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Friday, May 11, 2018
By KC Photography
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I had no idea I was about to meet two lovely people when I met Caitlin and Tony!     About half of my bride and grooms book me before meeting "the real me."     So, at engagement session time, I get pretty nervous.     What are they expecting?   WHO are they expecting?  Are they going to mind my hair being a mess?  Are they going to be let down that they chose a hefty photog?    I always tell myself to not worry about how ya look---wow them any way you can!    I think they wow'd me!   They are SO sweet.   SO easy going.    SUCH good listeners.    Oh---and SO fun.     


Not to mention SO photogenic.   We had the best time shooting at Chaumette.     Chaumette is always a perfect backdrop for any occasion!   Caitlin's dress was GORGEOUS!    Her hair was GORGEOUS.  Face---GORGEOUS.   Tony, you are one lucky fella!


October, please don't take too long to get here...  

Thursday, February 25, 2016
By Casey
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Our family is blessed to be part of an amazing Christian school here in Farmington, Missouri---St. Paul Lutheran!   My daughter is in 2nd grade this year (I can't believe how much they LEARN in the second grade!) and I decided to do a fundraiser that showcased the 2nd grade students' gorgeous faces AND their unique fingerprint and signature!  

At first, I extended the fundraiser only to the 2nd grade students and their siblings, however after some of the images made their way to Facebook, I was compelled to extend it to the rest of our St. Paul school family (I can't believe the number of people private messaging me asking for their own image!).     This isn't a super busy time for me "photographically" so why not?!     Because I'm going to be at the St. Paul Vendor Fair March 5th, those St. Paul'ians who want to score this original KC Photography image get to sign up IF they come to the fair.     


I use the pencil strategy to get their fingerprints and then photoshopped the fingerprints onto the image.  I really felt a black and white image was quite striking AND made the fingerprint and signature stand out.    


Not sure how to do this?    Don't be afraid to ask :)