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Friday, May 11, 2018
By KC Photography
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I had no idea I was about to meet two lovely people when I met Caitlin and Tony!     About half of my bride and grooms book me before meeting "the real me."     So, at engagement session time, I get pretty nervous.     What are they expecting?   WHO are they expecting?  Are they going to mind my hair being a mess?  Are they going to be let down that they chose a hefty photog?    I always tell myself to not worry about how ya look---wow them any way you can!    I think they wow'd me!   They are SO sweet.   SO easy going.    SUCH good listeners.    Oh---and SO fun.     


Not to mention SO photogenic.   We had the best time shooting at Chaumette.     Chaumette is always a perfect backdrop for any occasion!   Caitlin's dress was GORGEOUS!    Her hair was GORGEOUS.  Face---GORGEOUS.   Tony, you are one lucky fella!


October, please don't take too long to get here...  

Thursday, May 10, 2018
By KC Photography
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I know I don't blog enough.   Or blog ever.   I really should!  People need to see more great stuff, right?!   Especially when the 'stuff' contains such great looking people---and a dog. I can't wait for Laura and Dan's September wedding at one of my favorite venues---Cedar Lake Cellars!    That place is truly remarkable.   Lots of amazing places to photograph.  Lots of great detail.     Laura and Dan are so easy going.    They simply CAN'T take a bad picture.    I know the photog usually gets the credit, but let's be real.     When you look so good together, your engagement photos will obviously turn out great.       

Luna... my girl.    You ALL know I'm gaga over the K9 world.    I can't say Luna was super impressed with ME, but I loved her!   Look at her pretty face!   


Laura and Dan, hope you're ready for your big awesome day!!!!





Laura + Dan+ LUNA

Sunday, May 14, 2017
By KC Photography
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Parkland Chapel (plus Calvary Chapel Santee) in Israel 2017

Sunday, August 07, 2016
By KC Photography
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"Thanks for having law enforcement's 6..."    is what one of the officers responded after I sent his digital images to him of his family.   I had no idea what that meant, but now I  do.     I DEF have their 6.   Guess what, America.     They have YOUR 6 as well!   (just go google it).


Unless you've been living under a rock, then you know what's happening in America.     I'm not sure about you, but I don't like it.     Not one bit.     I could go on and on about my views and list things that absolutely disgust me currently, but I won't.  Someone told me it's better to "be the change" than to gripe about things!    I will simply say this:  in the next few weeks, months, or years, if you're given an opportunity to serve your community (like our police officers do), then do so.    If you're given an opportunity to give back, then do it.    If you're given an opportunity to simply say "thank you," then I encourage you to say it.     We live in a country where we can dial three numbers and, like BATMAN, police officers simply show up and HELP.     How can anyone not appreciate that?   It's kinda awesome, don't you agree?      Lord, I pray that this gift never ends for us in America.


So, I invited some police officers and their families to a photo shoot!   The Lord has blessed me with some time and talent, so I decided to be thankful in an active way.    Here are some of my faves from the shoots.   I had nearly FORTY police officer families!     


To make it an even greater "event," I had some pretty awesome people volunteer to help and show their support!    Some agents from COLDWELL BANKER HULSEY brought bottled water, kettle corn and RING POPS (which, honestly, were the hit of the show!).  Big thanks to THESE particular agents!   KIM HUTSON, REALTOR, m Cindy&Richard Deason, Realtors Wanda Sucharski, Realtor, Glen, Realtor, Vanessa Trokey and Tom Stanfield (who has an awesome house for sale on MY street, by the way. Big huge brick GORGEOUS home on D hwy!)

  Sarah Moyers of Moyers Muffler was a HUGE help the first night.    She's so friendly and sweet and helpful!    .   

Big thanks to my awesome friend, Misty Hawkins, for bringing coolers of fruit juices both days!   You rock!   Go see her at C-Barn off the Parkway Exit!   

 Keeley Williamson of Adventures of a Healthy Mom and IT WORKS donated enough money to get each police family an 8x10 from their shoot and my very bestest pal, Mindy, donated a 16x20 gallery wrap to one lucky police officer family (we'll do that drawing soon!).      Mindy also came to the "Free Prayer" table that we set up!     It was pretty great.   Signs, Etc. gave us a HUGE discount on one of their amazing banners.  It simply read "Free Prayer."   We set the table up  and the police officers and their families were welcome to stop there and have one of my prayer warriors pray for them!    Thank you Melisa P for being a prayer warrior (and paying for the banner!).  Thank you, Dawn L for being there each day from start to finish!    LOVED seeing one of my favorite brides, McKenzie M, at the prayer table too.    And, of course, Ivory from my church!



Monday, May 23, 2016
By KC Photography
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It was a beautiful overcast day at Chaumette Vineyards & Winery Friday, May 20th, 2016 for a wedding!  I've been looking forward to Ashlie and David's wedding since last October.    I knew that they'd both put together a great event.  It was small and intimate and God gave them beautiful weather.    It was perfect.    

 Because it was complete overcast, I chose to do their first look in the vineyard.    I don't always get to choose that area because typically it's in full sun.     We photographers give an extra thanks to Mother Nature when we're blessed with clouds on a wedding day!


Take a look!   Ashlie was simply beautiful and David was a stunner!

Also---I truly cannot say enough about having a first look.     I know I know...tradition suggests that you are not to see each other before the wedding.   But, have you ever looked up WHY that was once the case?  If not, maybe you should.   You'll see that's a tradition that is probably OK to let go.    Having a first look lets you make the MOST of your wedding day.   The wedding becomes a day where one thing flows right into the next... creating LESS stress for you (can't we ALL use a lot less stress?!)


Bride's dress  is a Style 1975 from Casablanca Bridal from Clarice's Bridal in St. Louis.

Bride's MUA:    Lauren Kuehn

Bride's Hair:  Aubrey Schaeffler

Food before First Look:   Jimmy Johns of Farmington MO