Award winning wedding photographer : worldwide

So glad you're here!  Casey of KC Photography has been a full-time photographer for over six years now.   Once a mathematics extraordinaire, teaching the young minds of tomorrow, Casey traded in her calculators and graphs for a camera.   The rest of the story is made up of wonderful photos of amazing people in exciting places!    Yes, it's the best story ever.


Casey specializes in weddings and engagements.    She has shot many weddings in Missouri, but has been blessed to travel many places to share in couples' big days including Florida, Michigan, Aspen, California, Mississippi, Memphis, and the list continue to grow!    Photography has even taken me all the way to Israel!  


A note from Casey:  I often wonder why I've been blessed to get to do this as my career.   Lucky, huh?  The weddings I've shot have been beautiful.   The brides and grooms who've chosen me to spend their day with have been incredible.    I've seen some of the sweetest expressions of love and it makes me so happy to get to capture them.    So, THANK YOU for being a little interested in me.  I'm interested in you, too.   Let's talk!