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Friday, May 11, 2018
By KC Photography
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I had no idea I was about to meet two lovely people when I met Caitlin and Tony!     About half of my bride and grooms book me before meeting "the real me."     So, at engagement session time, I get pretty nervous.     What are they expecting?   WHO are they expecting?  Are they going to mind my hair being a mess?  Are they going to be let down that they chose a hefty photog?    I always tell myself to not worry about how ya look---wow them any way you can!    I think they wow'd me!   They are SO sweet.   SO easy going.    SUCH good listeners.    Oh---and SO fun.     


Not to mention SO photogenic.   We had the best time shooting at Chaumette.     Chaumette is always a perfect backdrop for any occasion!   Caitlin's dress was GORGEOUS!    Her hair was GORGEOUS.  Face---GORGEOUS.   Tony, you are one lucky fella!


October, please don't take too long to get here...  

Thursday, May 10, 2018
By KC Photography
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I know I don't blog enough.   Or blog ever.   I really should!  People need to see more great stuff, right?!   Especially when the 'stuff' contains such great looking people---and a dog. I can't wait for Laura and Dan's September wedding at one of my favorite venues---Cedar Lake Cellars!    That place is truly remarkable.   Lots of amazing places to photograph.  Lots of great detail.     Laura and Dan are so easy going.    They simply CAN'T take a bad picture.    I know the photog usually gets the credit, but let's be real.     When you look so good together, your engagement photos will obviously turn out great.       

Luna... my girl.    You ALL know I'm gaga over the K9 world.    I can't say Luna was super impressed with ME, but I loved her!   Look at her pretty face!   


Laura and Dan, hope you're ready for your big awesome day!!!!





Laura + Dan+ LUNA